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Rose Of Jericho – The Mystical Plant

Rose Of Jericho – The Mystical Plant

Rose of Jericho is a plant with mystical qualities. It can be used to get rid of negative energies, bring love, money, reversal and peace and harmony.

The plant can be used over and over again because it never dies. Rose of Jericho can be kept inside the home in a bowl with water. The water should be changed once per week on a Tuesday, Friday or Sunday.

Do not swamp the plant in too much water because it can become mouldy. The water can be used to cleanse yourself before doing a ritual, it can be used to wash the floors or anoint candles.

A simple money drawing spell can be done by placing a Rose of Jericho in bowl of water. After the plant opens, add some gold and silver coins, lodestones, magnetic sand, rose water and money drawing oil. State you desire and watch it manifest

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